The World of Ferlan

Adventure Duration: ? -2nd of Forene 1568

Events in bullet form (to serve as a reminder for others to elaborate on)
  • Fibble Dediddle, Billiam’s apprentice, joins Ass Kickers Anonymous
  • The party decides to travel to Crescent Lake
  • Taggy The Manguy murders Crescent Lake’s head priest of Deron after a miscommunication; Fibble and Steve, outraged at this event, leave the party
  • Taggy drowns after being chased to the end of Crescent Lake’s dock by Ingrid. RIP : 1 Serit 1568
  • Enzo Antigone joins the party
  • Enzo and Ingrid bring Taggy’s body into the woods to return him to nature
  • Fibble and Steve rejoin the party, who set off into the woods again
  • The party meets General Delathier of the Woodland Defenders. He offers the party protection for the night
  • Steve fights a Wyvern 700 ft in the air, kills it, and narrowly beats off death himself. The Woodland Defenders take him in for more intensive recovery.
  • Steven the Werebear is now known as ‘The Steve’.
  • The party meets Coppy the Dragon, who spreads the words of A.K.A.’s feats
  • Cletus kills an orc in one swing
  • The party stumbles across Dan the Dragon in the Swamp of Sorrow. He threatens them to give him the key to Shacklefix. They give him a prism instead.
  • The party books it back to Shacklefix to inform Billiam the Fat of what has happened
  • Billiam mourns the death of Taggy
  • Billiam decides to lock off Shacklefix from the normal dimension to prevent Dan the Dragon and the Markarin Wizard’s Guild from finding them.
  • Billiam gives the party a letter to deliver to Leon of the Robes in Steffen, and tells them to get there as quickly as possible.
  • Enzo informs Shift of the tragic loss of Taggy. Shift mourns his death.
  • The party leaves Shacklefix and discovers that Dan the Dragon is outside attempting to use the prism to get in. He threatens them again and they relinquish the real key to him. He disappears as he uses the special command word.
  • The party sets off to Steffen
  • Claudio the Storm Giant, who was sent by Billiam the Fat, puts the party on his back and flies to Steffen.
  • Cletus kills another Orc in one swing.
  • The party delivers the letter to Leon of the Robes in Steffen
  • The party discovers that Billiam, fueled by the death of Taggy, has trounced (but not killed) Dan the Dragon. They also discover that Dan no longer leads the Markarin Wizard’s Guild. Jean Claude the Dragon now leads the guild.


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