The World of Ferlan

V - 101st Founding Festival

Duration: 2nd Forene 1568 – 8PM 3rd Forene 1568

Events (in Bullet form for others to elaborate on)
  • The party split up and did their own things


Day Schwam
  • Met some of the Waifs of Doom after she cracked open a man who was attempting to rob her’s head; they spoke praise of Staff Sergeant Maxwell Fightmaster
  • Attended a lame circus show
  • Sought counsel at the church of the Goddess, Tryanna
  • Visited the Fightmaster Academy
  • Wound up sparring with Staff Sergeant Maxwell Fightmaster
  • Lost to Staff Sergeant Maxwell Fightmaster
  • Went to the Salty Ogre Bar
Day Du
  • Ran errands for the Fightmaster Academy receptionist
  • Smithing with Doomathane Darkhammer
  • Taught a half-elf boy how to use a sword. He routed his half-orc instructor who was giving him a hard time
  • Went shopping for clothing for the play later that night
  • Trained noobs in self-defense with Staff Sergeant Maxwell Fightmaster
  • Went to the play; adventure ended


Day 1

Day 2


Day 1
  • Visited the Holy District
  • Was commissioned to write a sermon for the Church of Derone
  • Gave sermon, went into a coma
  • Explored Holy district and other religions
  • Stayed up all night reading the god’s holy text
Day 2
  • Woke up very late in the day
  • Visited the Performing Arts Center and was accosted by the Blue Bard, who is putting on the production later in the day
  • The Blue Bard offers Vick to play the role of Derone in his play. Vick says he might be able to get Derone himself to come
  • Vick Communes with Derone. Derone is unhappy at him for his wavering faith.
  • Vick abandons his God
  • Exhausted, he passes out somewhere to recover; adventure ended

ENZO, I NEED YOU TO INPUT WHAT YOU DID. I WASN’T PAYING ATTENTION (well enough) -Ingrid (Help with Vick would be appreciated too)


jakehubbard Hartgrave

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