Enzo Antigone

"Aw man, dat be mah main man Shift!"


Race: Halfling
“There be lots of things I hate. Two of them jus’ so happen to relate to my life. Ain’t nobody call me a Hobbit, aight? An’ definitely don’t call me no Blackling. That be racist.”
Class: Thief
“I be quick, like lightnin’. Ain’t nobody see me comin’, aw chea!”
Alignment: Cha—
“Ay, yo. Why you gotta know? Dat info ain’t ready to be divulged.”
Gender: Male
“Fo’ sho’! I got the parts and I gots the ‘tude. Whatchoo gonna do?”
Age: 26
“Twenty-six years of pure, solid, radicality. Yeah, dat’s right. I made up a word jus’ to describe how awesome I am.”
Height: 2’11”
“Just ‘cause I’m short ain’t mean I can’t take you down. Watch yoself you jive turkey.”
Weight: 66 pounds
“More to love baby.”
Hair: Black
“I promise, mah man, that I take care of it. Dis ain’t no nappy head, yo.”
Eyes: Brown, small, piercing.
“One glance and I gots you figured out, fool.”
Languages: Petarian (Midlander) and Orcish
“You never know when one of those dumb mo’fo’s says something useful.”
Weapon Proficiencies: Short Bow (2), Short Sword
“Yea, I use two weapons. Sad thing is, you’ll be dead before I even get a chance to stab ya!”
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Hunting, Tracking, Basic Woodlore, Butchering, Appraisal, Gem Cutting, Forgery, Heraldry.
“I’m a jack of all trades, man. You need somethin’ done? I can do it.”


Enzo Antigone

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