Staff Sergeant Maxwell Fightmaster

"Imagine Duke Nukem, but manlier."


Everything known about Maxwell Fightmaster is known thanks to rumors. The rumors are not rumors, but truths.


  • The reason that Steffen needs no wells is because Staff Sergeant Maxwell Fightmaster become enraged one day and punched the ground in the middle of town. There is now a five thousand foot deep well there.
  • Fightmaster has a mace shaped like a fist. His fist.
  • His mace is a +6. Wizards told him it only could be enchanted to a +5 so Fightmaster frowned at his mace and it became a +6.
  • Fightmaster is a staff sergeant because he wants to be. When he joined the guards they asked if he wished to be the leader. He said no, he’s the staff sergeant. They agreed.
  • The Fighter’s Guild in Steffen is called Fightmaster’s Academy. It’s named after Fightmaster.
  • When Fightmaster was a child he accidentally killed another young boy. He was placed in a guillotine. At the last moment he turned his head around and caught the guillotine in his teeth. He then proceeded to bite, chew, and swallow.
  • Derone, the God of War, one time lost a wrestling match with Maxwell Fightmaster.
  • When Derone is confused he goes to Maxwell Fightmaster for help.
  • A beggar once asked Fightmaster for financial help so he asked for two pieces of coal. The beggar brought them to him and he put one in each hand, squeezed, and gave the beggar two diamonds of flawless quality.
  • The only way to become a leader of the Fightmaster’s Academy is to be punched in the face by Staff Sergeant Maxwell Fightmaster, and live. Five have done so. Four thousand have attempted.
  • Fightmaster is anywhere between 30 years old and 400 years old. No one is sure.
  • Maxwell Fightmaster cannot be killed because one time Death came to him telling him it was his time. Fightmaster yelled at Death and Death ran away.
  • When Maxwell Fightmaster has a message to tell someone he steps to the top of the mountains behind Steffan and whispers.
  • Fightmaster did not always live in Steffan. He used to reside in Dorville. One day he decided to move so he picked up his house and did so.
  • Metagamejoke: Fightmaster has 30 strength. It was rolled with 3d6.

Staff Sergeant Maxwell Fightmaster

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