Tag: A.K.A.


  • I - And So it Was

    Adventure Duration: 15th Dorn 1568-? Events (In bullets until further elaborated) * [[Ass Kickers Anonymous | Ass Kickers Anonymous]] forms when [[NPCs Met During Campaign | Billy Bob ]] commissioned a group of adventurers to escort a man with a …

  • Taggy The Manguy - Deceased

    Taggy the Manguy's history is not the happiest one could hope for from such a sweet, lovable idiot. If one were to delve deep enough into his background one has to reach beyond Taggy himself. The traumas and misfortunes that Taggy had to go through were …

  • Cletus

    Cletus is a slack-jawed yokel from the farmland surrounding [[Markarin | Markarin]] that the [[Ass Kickers Anonymous | party]] hired to guard their donkeys at a rate of 2 golden hands per week, and guard their donkeys he does.

  • Fibble Dediddle

    Fibble Dediddle was the gnomish apprentice of Billiam the Fat and a resident of [[Shacklefix]] until Billiam sent her along with [[Ass Kickers Anonymous]]. She is foppish yet humble and soft-hearted, energetic, blustering, studious, and ponderous. She can …