Nicorada is a powerful wizard that seems to be popping up fairly regularly during the A.K.A’s adventures. His journal notes will be archived here.

This excerpt from Nicorada’s journal was discovered by the A.K.A. during their first quest together.

Notes on transcription: The journal entry was given to Cletus by Taggy The Manguy in hopes of a proper, clear, and legible transcription. The original author had a minute understanding of punctuation and sentence structure. Cletus attempted to leave the original feel of the journal, yet still fixing rudimentary grammatical issues.

10 Quas, 1328 – Nicorada
*I have set up shop at a Dwarven outpost. We don’t like each other, but we have a mutual understanding. They protect me; I pay them. I wandered into the nearby town of Thornton. The pathetic peasants there warned of an ancient evil in the mountain. Peasant prophecies are the worst. The dwarves are neutral on the topic. Foolish dwarves.

18 Quas, 1328 – Nicorada
*Well, maybe the stupid peasants were right. The stupid dwarves were mining and came up in the lair of a Red. They had me enchant a door in the tunnel with wards and spells. If anyone can get through it, they can probably kill the beast.

23 Quas, 1328 -Nicorada
*My research continues. So far, it is fruitless. My research continues.

29 Quas, 1328 -Nicorada
*The summoning circle is complete. The dwarves are wary; foolish dwarves.

1 Brunnen, 1328 -Nicorada

16 Brunnen, 1328 -Nicorada
*I apologize for my previous outburst. I am closer.

20 Brunnen, 1328 -Nicorada

30 Brunnen, 1328 -Nicorada
*Something went wrong, but I have acquired the secret. A dwarf blundered in during the summoning but I was prepared. I didn’t live this long by being an idiot. Some binding and torture brought it under my control once more but it plagued the dwarf with undeath. It infected some of its fellows. We left two in their state of undeath. Well, I did, and locked them in the summoning chamber. My guards, of sorts. I fear and respect the demon and I wish not for him to be controlled by lesser creatures.

1 Kree, 1328 -Nicorada
*The dwarves are leaving this place. They call it a Place of Great Sorrow. Stupid dwarves. I am going to find another place to begin work on the secret that the demon has given me. Somplace, hopefully, with less dwarves.

8 Kree, 1328 -Nicorada
The journal ends here.

This additional piece of the journal from the mysterious wizard, Nicorada, was found in a dungeon from the A.K.A.’s cave-clearing quest for Cann.

17 Fimbul, 1332 – Nicorada

*My stupid hirelings locked me in here. Do they not understand teleport? They shall suffer. Stupid dwarves.

There is one more snippet of writing on this excerpt, on the back of the page which is burnt to a crumbly crisp. It reads “I prepared explosive runes today.” Clearly they were successful.


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