NPCs Met During Campaign

This page is dedicated to archiving all of the non-player characters that the party meets during the campaign. Please refrain from listing every single person, as there are many irrelevant people in the world, just like in real life. Characters with temporary importance (ie: Cann) should be listed here. If a character winds up becoming important to the main storyline (ie: Dan the Dragon) he or she should be listed under the “characters” tab of the wiki. Thank you for keeping the site clean!

Bart the Bold
*The leader of The Merry Mercs. He met the A.K.A. during their first adventure and grew attached to the group thanks to their clearing of the fortress now known as Fort Bold.

Billy Bob
*The mayor of the town of Thornton. He gave the Ass Kickers Anonymous their first quest together.

Bobert McMickerson

*The mayor ofDorville who gave the A.K.A. a seemingly simple dungeon clearing quest. What the group found was less than simple however. In fact, another page of Nicorada’s journal was discovered in that dungeon.

*A storm giant and friend of Billiam the Fat who escorted Ass Kickers Anonymous to Steffon.

Coppy the Dragon
*A cute, friendly, female dragon who watched the battle between the Ass Kickers Anonymous and a wyvern. Otherwise known as the battle where The Steve got his new nickname. Needless to say, she was very impressed and, after filling her belly on dead orcs laying around the group’s campsite, promised to spread word of their doings around.

General Delithir
*The leader of the Woodland Defenders.

Leon of the Robes
*An absent-minded highly ranking wizard from Steffon whom the A.K.A. were sent to by orders of Billiam the Fat. Their mission was to deliver a letter. That mission went very smoothly.

Mickery McMickerson

*A member of The Merry Mercs. He doesn’t say much as he’s missing an integral piece of speaking technology, his tongue.

Riggs of the Holy Hammer
*Riggs of the Holy Hammer is a cleric of Wyrig, the dwarven god of war. He is currently a low-ranking member of The Merry Mercs.

*Sal was the head priest of the Church of Deronein the village of Crescent Lake. The past tense ‘was’ is used because he died after his first meeting with the A.K.A. Taggy the Manguy fired an arrow which struck true and splendidly, ending the poor old man’s life. This directly resulted in a series of unfortunate events leading up to Taggy’s own demise.

Snapple the Tummy
*Snapple the Tummy is the leader of the Thieves’ Guild in Shacklefix. Naturally, he’s a Gnome, yet he speaks with an extremely gruff voice but looks to be very young. Seeing howTaggy the Manguy has only had one brief encounter with Snapple, not much has been gathered about his history. One thing is certain though, Snapple has a definite penchant for Gnome parties. Rock on.

*This little guy was found in what is now known as Fort Bold by the A.K.A. during their first adventure. Somehow charming his way out of certain death, the A.K.A. let Wall go encouraging him with threats and gold pieces to continue his studies. One day the group will go searching for Wall to find out if he kept his word.

NPCs Met During Campaign

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