Petarian Pantheon

This pantheon originated on the continent of Petara and flourished particularly in the area now known as the Midland Realms. It is still widely worshiped throughout the region. Note: More information will be added as time and creativity allow.

Varess is the mother who created the world and is the goddess of life and light. Alignment: LG. Follower’s Alignment: LG, NG. Symbol: An eye wrought in gold set with a sapphire. Weapons allowed: Quarterstaff, Mace.

Deron is the god of war and hunting. Alignment: CG. Follower’s Alignment: NG, CG. Symbol: A silver mace. Weapons allowed: Quarterstaff, Mace, Warhammer, Morningstar, Flail, Pick, Maul.

Tyranna is the goddess of knowledge, justice, and harvest. Alignment: LN. Follower’s Alignment: LG, LN, N. Symbol: A golden book, opened. Weapons allowed: Quarterstaff, Warhammer, Mace.

Raynet is the goddess of death and darkness. Alignment: N. Follower’s Alignment: TN, N, LE. Symbol: A eye wrought in gold set with an opal. Weapons allowed: Quarterstaff, Mace.

Athek is the god of corruption, undeath, and destruction. Alignment: CE. Follower’s Alignment: NE, CE. Symbol: A carved obsidian skull. Weapons allowed: Quarterstaff, Mace, Morningstar, Whip, Scourge.

Petarian Pantheon

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