Steffon is a city located in the foothills bordering The Dragon’s Tail. It is accepting of humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, and well-behaved half-orcs, half-ogres, giants, and giant-kin.

Population: 50,936 (mostly human)
Government: High Council (determined by democratic election; social-democratic policies)

The Nine Spires
Fightmaster Academy
Garland’s Mystical Emporium

Religious Establishments
Temple of Life
Order of the Silver Mace
Temple of Knowledge
Church of Darkness
House of Despair
The Grove of Steffon
Various other temples, churches, shrines, et cetera

Stores of Note
Gerald’s Jewelry and Gems
Honest Charlie’s Bakery
Bradley’s Curious Goods
Truthful Johann’s Imported Meats
The Gilded Pitcher
Trustworthy Wadsworth’s Picket Fences
David’s Stables and Supplies
Ethical Edward’s Brilliant Boots and Clothing
Ricardo Weston’s Useful Items
Virtuous Brandon’s TRUE and HONEST Book Store

Brothels of Note
Sly Johnny’s House of Lovin’
L’il Pookie’s Den o’ Cookies
Son Chu’s House of China
Rose Chu’s House of Pickles
Bianca’s Velvet Room

Taverns of Note
The Surly Dwarf
The Salty Ogre
The Black Cloud
The Golden Flagon

Other Places of Note
Steffon Museum of Fine Art and History
Steffon Historical Archives


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