Sir William Joseph Vladimir Sussex was the proud son of the Baron of Ernkest. He was trained from his youth in the military arts. The Baron had illusions that Sussex would one day be able to lead his men in combat to expand the family’s territory in a petty war. Sussex, though, was taught different mores by his private tutor, the famous scholar Lanway Odipest. By the time he reached manhood, Sussex loathed his father’s treachery and enlisted in King Makodian II’s Royal Guard to spite the Baron. It was here, in the service of the king, that he distinguished himself as an honorable man. It was here, also, that he met a man whom he would create a lasting and meaningful friendship with, Marcus Dagstund.

The Baron, still obsessed with obtaining power, grew ever more ambitious as his son gained the trust of the people and, more importantly, King Makodian II. Once his son rose to a field commander he conspired with a sect of elves, known as Dusk, to invade the kingdom so that his son could fend them off and bring fortune to the family. On the edge of King Makodian II’s territory was a prosperous port town called Orchid Cove. The town was successful solely because of it being a favorite vacation spot for the king’s only child, Maria. Situated on a rocky cove with poor soil, a royal edict, which forced the most valuable trade goods to go through this port before being distributed around the kingdom, was all that kept the town alive.

Dusk struck on Darya of Brunnen, 1538. Orchid Cove swiftly fell into their hands. Instead of washing away before the might of the King’s forces, though, Dusk boldly repelled them and fortified the town. Historians are puzzled to date as to why they chose this course of action, as there were a multitude of more strategic spots for them to strike. The predominant theory is that Dusk, having always been an insignificant group in Petara but a more domineering power elsewhere in the world, wanted a foothold to invade the continent. All of this, though, was unknown to the senile Baron of Ernkest. He believed to his dying breath, five years later, that he was still in control of his plan.

Despite being horribly incorrect with Dusk’s intentions, the Baron did succeed in having his son lead the forces to liberate Orchid Cove. The first year of combat didn’t cede any land to Sussex. Dusk raped the land, pillaged its women and slaughtered all of the able-bodied men. Their numbers swelled as reinforcements came across the sea, and Sussex was forced into a defensive war. The tide of the war shifted seven years in when Marcus Dagstund, Sussex’s second-in-command, enlisted the help of human sympathizer in Dusk’s ranks. This elf, Jack Degüda, became the linchpin of Sussex’s espionage movement to defeat Dusk.

Sussex managed to drive out Dusk after three years of concerted efforts between Jack and the army.


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