Taking a Break from that Book

This friggin’ book is beginning to drive me insane. Not you, the one that I found in that musty old wizard’s workshop. I swear I’ve done nothing but read it for the last two weeks, and I’m still not even halfway through it. Books aren’t a weakness for me. Sure they’re not one of my strong points, but it shouldn’t take this long to read it. Hell, I can barely understand what is on the page when I sit down to read. It’s almost as if I’m getting the gist of it intuitively without really knowing what it is I’m reading. Bah! I need a break from thinking about it – Time to get introverted and speculative again I guess.

Uh… Where to start… Hrm. I guess it’d probably be best to start from there. So, a few weeks ago we were wandering around Gnome City looking for something to do. We stumbled upon this guy, Cann, at the city offices who was looking for adventurers to clear out a dungeon outside of Dorville. We accepted, of course. Turns out this Cann fellow is the mayor of Dorville. He wouldn’t pay us though, no matter how we pressed him. Instead he offered to allow us to keep anything we found. In hindsight, that was a pretty sweet deal.

We found all sorts of messed up stuff in that cave. First we ran into zombies. That was pretty hilarious, actually. I managed to blow the door of the room they were in off onto all three of them and it slammed into another door, making a zombie sandwich out of them. After that was this giant gelatinous cube, which we somehow overlooked and allowed to ambush us. I honestly don’t know how we didn’t see it. It was the size of a small room, for cripe’s sake. Then… Oh, then… Then we ran into a rust monster. I didn’t know what it was, so I attacked it before it could attack Tuggy, who was going for some treasure chests. What. The. Fuck. The bugger ate my armor! How is it that in all of my years being around worldly people I’ve never heard of these monstrosities? Rust monsters are now, and forever shall be, on my list of things to always be prepared for. I’m not so angry about it now because I found better armor there, but I was heartbroken when I lost my plate mail. My body’s too fragile to not have good protection. Ever since I was young, I’ve been as frail as a goblin structurally. We all have our vices though, and my time farming and then sailing aboard the Infamous have allowed me to obtain the physical strength of an orc to better offset my weak constitution. Moral of the story, I am covering my armor up from now on.

Tuggy forgot to check for traps on something we found in the dungeon and was stricken by a deadly poison. There was nothing Vick or I could do, he would’ve died before we got back to town, so we hoped that we would find something further on that could aid us. When we stumbled into the wizard’s workshop where I found my armor we found many unmarked potion bottles. Once we divvied them up among ourselves, Tuggy began testing them with reckless abandon. We all figured that should there be some sort of acid inside one of the potions it would be best for him to be the one to test it since he was already dying. Luckily for him, the first potion he tried turned out to be oil of timelessness and it cured him of his poison. He just kept on testing the potions though, even after he was cured, and I decided to try some with him too since nothing but good things seemed to be happening. Vick was too much of a scaredy-cat to test even one of the potions out. He can be such a killjoy sometimes. I found the book I mentioned earlier in there too…

Something particularly odd happened while we were beating around the dungeon. I mysteriously blacked out when we went into a room. Now, I’m not too much of a stranger to fatigue and disease, heck I’ve had to deal with it since I was a young girl, but this occasion was beyond bizarre. When I jolted awake, I found myself bound with rope. My head felt like it had been split open and my entire body was sore. Vick and Tuggy and Steve were just looking over my body and arguing about what they should do. I was rightly freaked out, but I kept my cool. Those three could’ve easily raped me. They don’t really seem like the type, but, well… Everyone has their inner demons. Jack showed me that much…. And they were acting really strange towards me, like I was a tainted object that had to be cast away. I didn’t make any accusations at that time. Being bound up and all, I thought it best to play the ignorance card to get them to let me out, which they did. When we rested after dungeon-crawling, I checked myself out and was pepared to kill the three of them in their sleep. Luckily, for all of us, they didn’t do anything to me. God, I already spent the last five years making sure Jack didn’t take advantage of me. You don’t know how much of a relief it is to know that these people won’t do that.

That poor oaf, Steve, got his head smashed in when we tried to take on some trolls. It was pitiful seeing his hulking body limp and headless. I was still pretty emotionally numb at the time from my fears of having been raped (not that I’m ever all that emotionally sensitive), so it struck me more as a surreal experience than something truly tragic. Not that the loss of life isn’t tragic, and all. It’s more that I’ve become numb to the event of death. Something happened later in our adventure which reminded me of just how much I’ve lost in the past five years. Back to Steve, though. I carried his dead body back outside in case we could somehow find a priest to resurrect him after we were done in the cave.

The last thing we happened upon in the dungeon was a room full of pools of some sort of liquid. Vick and I checked the room out, but Tuggy dove right into the first pool. Neither Vick nor I wanted to do a thing with the pools until after Tuggy went into the third one. Nothing bad had happened to him yet, so I thought what the heck, I’ll give it a shot too. I tried the third pool, nothing happened. Then, I went to the fourth one and this weird voice started talking to me. It was a combination between a young woman and an old hag. As odd as it sounded, the voice told me that although I didn’t exactly fit in with its mores it could work with me, and would give me one wish. I mulled over it for a while and tried to think back to things I had wanted in the past. That was when I realized, I had forced myself to forget all but very particular details of the events of my life. I knew that I was a bastard child, that I was raised by mother and her family until something happened and then Jack kept watch over me for the last five years, and that Jack was killed by a trap set by Lord Markwell and his mistress, Joan Arctu. Aside from that, though, I couldn’t remember anything that happened over the last twenty years of my life. It was like there was a wall between me and my memories. So, I decided what to use my wish for. I felt my mind leave the room Vick, Tuggy and I were in to a dark room with a large stone chair. An old woman was in the chair, and she asked me what it was I wished for. I told her that I would like to have my memories unlocked. As she stood up and told me that my wish was granted, she turned into a beautiful and youthful woman. I was throttled into my body as the memories surged back into my mind. My strength almost failed me as everything came back together. I haven’t had enough time to sort through it yet, but I plan on writing everything down so that I won’t forget again.

Oh, Vick got a wish too. He seemed pretty torn about it. The man is bent on getting land of his own. In the end, though, he brought back Steven. That was very noble of him, which seems a bit unlike him. It was kind nonetheless.

Taking a Break from that Book

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