The Dragon Spires of Markarin

The Dragon Spires of Markarin were affiliated with The Nine Spires until approximately mid-1568. After that point, the leader of The Nine Spires, Billiam the Fat, was cut off from the Markarin branch of the guild and the guild began calling itself The Dragon Spires of Markarin and a man known as Dan the Dragon proclaimed himself leader.

Under Dan the Dragon’s leadership, The Dragon Spires managed to become more powerful than the government of Markarin. Dan began putting out hits on people speaking out against The Dragon Spires as well as all demi-humans. The Dragon Spires gained control of the food supply. The Dragon Spires demolished the entire Holy Quarter of Markarin. According to reports, it was leveled by dragons’ breath: flame, acid, ice, electricity, wind, and poisonous gas.

In the beginning of autumn in 1568, members of The Dragon Spires began questioning Dan the Dragon’s sanity when he received a prism from the Ass Kickers Anonymous, saying that it was the key to get into Shacklefix. He still tried to use this “key,” however, and Ass Kickers Anonymous caught him in the act of smashing the prism into the rock that serves as the portal into Shacklefix. He demanded the true key from the group and they gave it to him after some coercion. They refused to give him the command word, however, but he, with the aid of a simple magical spell, was able to figure out. He uttered the word and vanished.

Weeks later, Dan the Dragon stumbled back into Markarin, weakened. It became known that when he used the key to get into Shacklefix, it actually took him to the dimension that Billiam the Fat dwells in and the two had an epic duel—obviously won by Billiam. At this point, Dan fell from grace and was forced to become a scullery maid at The Dragon Spires while another more talented and powerful wizard, known as Jean-Claude van Drachen, became the new guild leader.

The Dragon Spires of Markarin

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