Dan the Dragon

"Hmm, yes, foul creatures they are..."


Not much is currently known about Dan the Dragon aside from two primary points. First off, he is now the leader of the Wizard’s Guild in Markarin after labeling Biliam the Fat a traitor. Traitor to what? Well, that’s where the second big point about Dan comes into play. Dan the Dragon hates Gnomes, a lot. In fact, one could say Dan hates Gnomes so much that he’s willing to risk the entire reputation of the Wizard’s Guild to make sure that no Gnome remains breathing in the entire country. Some say that this is the start of a new war, but those are only rumors.

After doing some digging, the Ass Kickers Anonymous learned this about Dan and decided to cease their dealing with the Wizard’s Guild in Markarin. Though, if anything is to be expected from Dan the Dragon. Not working with him is simply not an option. And if the rumors of Dan being a real black dragon then the A.K.A. may have gotten into a war that they are completely out of their league for.

Dan the Dragon

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