The Steve


Steven is a Werebear (go figure) who A.K.A. found naked and bloody on the side of the road when they decided to take the long way back to Markarin.

Not much is known about him. It is known that he killed a high-ranking member of The Dragon Spires of Markarin and fled into the wilderness. Instead of turning him in when Dan the Dragon offered a reward for his head, the A.K.A. decided to split town and save Steven with the help of Shift.

In the summer of 1568, the group was wandering through the wilderness. They were accosted by a wyvern and, while battling it, Steven jumped on its back and killed it. 700 feet in the air. And survived the fall. However, every bone in his body was broken. The Woodland Defenders showed up and took him away to nurse him back to health. After this incident, Enzo Antigone declared that Steven would now be called The Steve.

The Steve works with the Ass Kickers Anonymous, whenever they need him, for 35 gold pieces a week, a decent cut of the loot, and bottles of fine Dwarven ale.

The Steve

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